21st Jun 2024

Vitax helps LOROS Hospice gardens grow

Vitax has stepped up its support for a local hospice by donating a range of garden products to help keep its gardens flourishing.

LOROS Hospice, which is based in Leicester, has received a variety of products from Vitax to help its gardens grow including soil conditioners, Vitax Q4, 6X Chicken Pellets, and a range of specialist feeds for azaleas, roses and hydrangeas.

Previously supporting the hospice through sponsoring a table at its annual luncheon earlier this year, this is the first time Vitax has worked directly with the charity which provides free, high-quality support and care for over 2,500 terminally ill people within Leicester and Rutland.

Taking a tour of the expansive gardens, which include quiet nooks for individuals and families to relax in, and the stunning ‘Tree of Life’ sculpture, Vitax met with some of the volunteers who help maintain the flower and kitchen garden to get a greater understanding of which additional products they may need in the future.

Anja Gooding, Vitax’s chair, says: “The gardens at LOROS Hospice are stunning and provide a peaceful sanctuary for individuals, relatives and families. It’s hard to believe that the gardens are maintained by such a small team, and we are thrilled to be able to support them.

“Following a conversation at the annual luncheon it was clear that the gardening team required specific products to not only condition the soil, but also ensure the impressive range of plants continue to flourish.

“We will continue to work with LOROS Hospice in the future to ensure that they have access to what they need to maintain an outdoor environment where everyone can not only enjoy the gardens, but the peace it brings to the many who use it.”

The gardens and kitchen garden and fully maintained by a part-time gardener and a whole team of volunteers. Mainly self-funded, any surplus plants are sold to generate additional income and Vitax’s donation will see funds re-directed to other budgets.

Richard Hill, head of facilities at LOROS Hospice, says: Our grounds suffer from poor soil stemming back to the various stages of building works, so anything we can do to put some goodness back into the soil really helps our volunteers to keep our gardens looking amazing.

“We know from what they tell us that our gardens are really important to our patients wellbeing and Vitax’s donation is really appreciated by both staff and patients alike.”

Alex Perry, support engagement co-ordinator for the charity, added: “We really appreciate Vitax’s support. Gift-in-kind donations like this save us money in other budgets and mean we have more to put towards patient care.”

For more information about LOROS Hospice, visit:


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