17th Feb 2021

Vitax Amenity goes virtual with e-brochure

Vitax Amenity has launched its first ever e-brochure to meet the growing demand for in-depth product information which can be easily downloaded and accessed at the touch of a button.

Providing specialist products for sport and amenity turf both in the UK and overseas, Vitax Amenity has established a reputation for producing a comprehensive range of products with a strong emphasis on quality, efficacy and cost-effectiveness.

Its latest decision to develop an e-brochure follows a significant update to its website and has been welcomed by customers across the globe as relationships continue to grow and be nurtured.

Carl Welsh, Vitax’s managing director, says: “Vitax has developed its online presence over the past few years and the decision to produce an e-brochure supports a significant shift in how the business is adapting to working with customers.

“The creation of the e-brochure is the next step in making all products readily accessible to everyone in the industry.

“The speed of which it can be changed to incorporate new products and sent out to our customers was at the forefront of our mind during its development, as well as its capability to include more technical information about each product’s composition.”

2020 saw the launch of two, new organic turf fertilisers – Vitax 4-2-6 Organic Sports Grass Liquid Fertiliser and Vitax 6-2-4 Organic Sports Grass Liquid Fertiliser. Both products are approved by the Soil Association.

From golf courses, sports pitches and horse racing courses through to parkland, Vitax Amenity offers an exceptional level of expertise.

To find out more about Vitax Amenity, visit:

To download a copy of the brochure click here


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