20th Nov 2020

Showtime for new 2021 retail products

Focusing on the future, a short video has been created to showcase ‘What’s New’ in 2021, including the launch of Vitax Organic All Purpose Plant Food and Vitax Organic Tomato Food.

Both products have all the growing power needed to bring gardens to life, whilst using 100% natural, plant-based ingredients. Importantly, they are also child, pet and bee friendly and suitable for vegan gardening.

New organic range:

Vitax Organic All Purpose Plant Food is rich in organic nutrients and completely versatile. A perfect choice for gardeners looking for a good all-round feed, it can be used with flowers, shrubs, fruits and vegetables to help produce masses of flowers with eye-popping colour and bigger and better vegetables.

Vitax Organic Tomato Food is a super concentrated feed and includes nutrients such as magnesium, which is not found in traditional feeds, but essential for tomato plant energy.

A high potash fertiliser, Vitax Organic Tomato Food also benefits from iron and naturally present trace elements.

In addition to the new organic range, Vitax has also added to its pest control offering and added new sizes to popular products for the new season.

For more information or a Vitax retail brochure, please email:


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