20th Jul 2022

Glee 2022 - New products, new sustainable options

With Glee at an earlier date this year, Vitax was delighted to be showcasing its new products, new point of sale materials and new sustainable solutions.

In response to customer demand, the company will be launching a range of new products across the fertiliser and deterrent ranges, as well as developing new marketing materials to help garden centres and nurseries display products which help gardeners and customers make informed purchasing decisions.

Glee 2022 - New products, new sustainable options

New for 2023 include additions to the popular liquid feed range. Liquid Hydrangea Feed and Liquid Buxus Feed will be available for ordering in pre-season alongside Liquid Organic Lawn Feed.

Other new additions include Stay Off Fox Deterrent. The ready-to-use spray is a humane way to keep unwanted pests at bay and ideal for use around bins, lawns, patios, paths and garden beds.

Gardeners looking for recyclable packaging options, will now be able to add our best-selling fertiliser pouch ranges to their shopping list. The specialist feed range will now be available in a weatherproof, recyclable pouch and will be phased in over the coming months.

The first pouches to change to recyclable materials include: Hydrangea Feed, Buxus Feed, Acer Feed and Olive Tree Feed.

“It has been great to be back at Glee showcasing new additions for the 2023 season,” says Ralph Fitter, national account manager at Vitax.

“The feedback on the new products has been fantastic and we’re really looking forward to pre-season for 2023.”

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