25th Jul 2017

Busy season sees Vitax grow

One of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of top gardening brands Slug Gone, Green Up, Q4 and Nippon, is expanding its operations following a season of significant growth.

Vitax Limited, which is based in Leicestershire, is investing in the expansion of its production facility in Skelmersdale and warehouse in Coalville to meet demand for the 2017/2018 season. Trusted by both professional and amateur gardeners, the manufacturer has continued to see year-on-year growth, with retail sales outperforming projected forecasts for 2016/17.

“Each year Vitax invests in new products that gardeners want and need. Developing a range of specialist products, coupled with improved marketing of our core brands, has contributed to a busy season,” says Daniel Wilkinson, Vitax’s managing director.

“The surge in demand has highlighted the need to invest in our production facilities to not only meet future orders, but ensure we continue to deliver a first-class service to our customers. “This year’s unexpected increase in sales across our complete range has highlighted areas for improvement and by expanding our Skelmersdale operations and warehouse facilities, we will continue to meet the orders placed by new and existing customers.”

Although investment in the new facilities will take priority over the coming months, it is not the only investment the company will be committing to as Wilkinson explains: “During the past couple of years we have improved our marketing and packaging to help support garden centres promote key brands. This has included the re-design of many products as well as new, waterproof packaging. For the 2016/17 season we took it one step further by bringing brand consistency to both the commercial and retail side of the business with the launch of three new websites.

“A key part of that investment was the creation of Garden World, a new consumer-led website developed to introduce and provide enthusiastic gardeners with all the information they need about Vitax, its product range and where products can be purchased. This has helped drive gardeners towards local stockists and next season, we will once again be supporting our customers by providing new point of sale material and stands to accompany key products.

“Visitors to Glee will be the first to see the new marketing materials, as well as inspiration as to how products can be displayed to generate maximum sales,” says Wilkinson.


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