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Export Opportunities

Globe on Grass Pitch


Supaturf is an acknowledged world leader in the manufacture and supply of equipment and materials used for the line marking of sports pitches of every kind, from world cup venues to local school pitches.


Our products include a range of line marking machines, all developed and built in our own facilities, together  with one of the most comprehensive ranges of specialist line marking liquids (‘paints’) available.  While most of our products are designed for marking on turf grass, we also offer a range designed for hard- and multi-surface marking.


These products are already successfully exported throughout the world – to Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. See for example:


Portugal- Aquamatic S.A.

Girona Spain- Servicentre.

Navarra Spain- Ranking

Marbella Spain- Rimesa

Italy- Muggioli

Belgium- Supaturf Belgium

Brazil- Greenext

Iceland- MHG

Norway- PGM

Poland- Prograss

Bulgaria- MSport

Finland- Arctic Nature

Denmark- Semenco

South Africa- Supaturf South Africa


There are, however, still opportunities in countries and regions where distribution agreements do not currently exist and we believe that, with the right distribution partners, the Supaturf range can make a major impact in these regions.


If your business already has dealings with sports clubs and grounds at every level, the Supaturf range could offer excellent potential for expansion of your business.


If you would like to investigate the possibilities of working with us, we would be happy to hear from you.


Please contact our Export Department on +44 (0) 1530 510 060, email us at or complete the online enquiry form