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Water holding clay pebbles for use around any plant

  • Honeycomb cores absorb and release water
  • Ideal as an attractive mulch on any indoor or outdoor potted plant
  • Stand houseplants on a wet layer of hydroleca to create a moist micro-climate
  • Use on greenhouse benches to increase humidity
  • Mix with compost to reduce weight of pots and plants on balconies/roof gardens


Pack Size Retail Packs per Outer Product Code
10 litres 1 6VMH10



Water holding ceramic pebbles with a host of applications round the garden.

Hydroleca is produced by firing tiny clay granules at 1200°C.  The result is extremely lightweight, hard, ceramic pebbles that have a smooth attractive outer skin and a honeycomb core.  The pebbles absorb water and then slowly release it.  The cellular structure also has outstanding insulating properties which will help safeguard plants from extreme variances in temperature.

Hydroleca is ideal for use as a decorative mulch around plants in pots, tubs and containers indoors and outside.  It can also be used for ‘crocking’ – ie as the drainage layer in pots rather than broken crocks, and as a drainage layer under pots.

The exceptionally light weight of Hydroleca makes it ideal for use on roof gardens and balconies where the weight of a pot, tub, planter,  raised bed etc., is critical. Hydroleca can be added to potting compost at a ratio of 3 parts compost/1 part Hydroleca, providing a substantial reduction in total weight.