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Hydrangea Colourant

Changes pink hydrangeas to blue

  • Pale pink varieties tend to blue best
  • Darker pink varieties turn to mauve/blue
  • Treat as per pack instructions



Pack Size Retail Packs per Outer Product Code
225 g 12 5HC250
500 g 12 5HC500



Hydrangeas are naturally pink, but where the soil contains iron or aluminium salts they  will produce blue flowers .   If  you want blue flowers and your soil isn’t rich in the necessary salts,  Vitax  Hydrangea Colourant provides the solution.

Pale pink varieties tend to blue best, with the darker pink varieties tending to produce mauve/blue flowers.


Mix the colourant with the soil when planting pot or outdoor hydrangeas or dissolve in water and apply.

Hydrangea Colourant safety data sheet

Hydrangea Colourant label